Professional BBQ Cleaning Melbourne

We provide premium BBQ cleaning services in Melbourne

Our BBQ cleaning Melbourne services is designed to remove all of the oil and fat that seems to find there way into the nooks and crannies of your BBQ. We provide an affordable solution to cleaning your BBQ to keep its cleaning surfaces clean and hygienic and looking like new.

If your wanting to keep your BBQ clean without having any of the old crusty bits of burnt food and fumes impose on your guests food then our BBQ cleaning service is ideal for you.

A BBQ can last a lifetime if its looked after correctly. Our cleaning techniques will keep your BBQ as clean as it was the day you got it.

Our professional BBQ cleaning is an affordable solution to keeping your BBQ clean like the day you got it. Try our BBQ cleaning services in Melbourne. Call Domestic Oven Detailers on 1300 640 663. No more fumes & smoke as our fully trained experts take care of your BBQ. Get a Free Quote!

Benefits of professional BBQ cleaning

  • Restore your BBQ to brand new

  • Cook better

  • Gets to all those areas you can’t reach

  • Heavy duty cleaning for stubborn oil, fat, and burnt food

  • Safety: for health and for life!

BBQ Cleaning

Full BBQ cleaning services

The cleaning process takes 3-4 hours depending on the condition of your BBQ.

  • Thorough clean of burners, grills, hotplates, stainless steel, warming racks, inner and outer casings, roast hoods, side burners, and enamel surfaces and trolleys.

  • We use non-caustic solutions to ensure the food safety.


BBQ Cleaners

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How far do you travel?
    We service all over inner and outer Melbourne inlcuding: Albert Park, Brighton, Geelong, Kensington, Maribyrnong, Melton, Pascoe Vale, Port Melbourne, Toorak and Williamstown.  We will travel to regional Victoria.

  • 2. Do you charge weekend rates?
    No. We are commited to providing you value for money for a high quality service, and we dont think you should pay more just because it’s the weekend.

  • 3. What are your BBQ cleaning prices?
    Call our friendly staff for an overview of the most competitive prices in Melbourne!  We charge the same rates for weekends and weekdays, the same rates for off-peak and peak periods, and the same rate for public holidays.

  • 4. How soon can you clean my BBQ?
    Within 1-2 weeks, or sooner depending on our schedule. We will do our best to fit you in when you need us.

  • 5. When should i get professional BBQ cleanig help?
    If your BBQ smells, or it’s a special occasion and you want your BBQ to look and operate in tip top condition, call us.  Special occasions that we get called for BBQ cleaning very often include: grand final, Easter, Christmas, birthdays, Australia Day, and everything in between.

    We can come out for BBQ cleaning at short notice though it will help if you call us at least 1-2 weeks before public holidays.

  • 6. How often do I need to clean my BBQ?
    Everytime you use it – a simple wipe and clean.  We recommended a full BBQ clean once a year.

  • 7. What do I need to do to maintain my BBQ after you have cleaned it?
    Wipe your BBQ after each use, and we recommend a professional BBQ clean every 6 to 12 months to keep it looking like new.

  • 8. I clean my BBQ after I use it. Why do I need professional BBQ cleaning?
    If you clean your BBQ after every use, all you need is a professional clean once a year to clean hard to reach areas and exposed areas such as; under the cover, in the grill, trays, and burners.  We also do a full clean of the outside of the BBQ, and underneath it where oil and fats may drip and harden over time, which makes it difficult for you to clean thoroughly.

  • 9. What is used to clean my BBQ?
    We use a non-caustic, biodegradable solutions that are made locally, so our service and solutions are 100% Australian.  Your food and health is safe with us.

  • 10. Have you cleaned my type of BBQ before?
    We’ve cleaned hundreds of BBQs so we have likely cleaned your type of BBQ before.

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